• Young male plays SisyFox interactive game
  • Group training with Aviron interactive rower machine
  • Male football player trains with ICON arena
  • Icaros VR interactive gaming
  • Axtion Technology ICON mini in London
  • GlowHolds interactive climbing wall grips and hex panels

Interactive Fitness Technology & Fitness Gaming

We supply a wide range of fitness technology and gaming fitness products. Also known as active gaming, exergaming, immersive fitness and interactive fitness, the future of fitness is continually evolving.

We offer stylish and functional technology products that are geared towards improving overall health and wellness through improving reaction time, balance, co-ordination and strength training exercises for all muscle groups. Whether individuals challenge themselves to improve their fitness, or compete against others, most of our products provide essential feedback through recorded performance scores so improvements can be tracked over time.

One of the most crucial aspects of any fitness program is enjoying it, and a key advantage that fitness and gaming technologies have over traditional forms of exercise is that not only do they provide physical activity, they also offer high levels of engagement. It is well known that stimulating the mind while exercising reduces the perceived level of exertion and participants are more likely to do regular exercise. Our gaming and interactive fitness range has been purposely selected to offer the best possible immersive experience.

As the fitness and health market continues to grow worldwide, we are well placed to serve the UK as well as the other European countries and worldwide. We can guarantee short lead times and tight delivery schedules. If you're looking for cutting-edge fitness technology products, get in touch with us today!

ICON Arena

Fulham Youth football player, Ma'kel Campbell trians with ICON Fast Feet

ICON products have been created with the input/development from professional coaches and clubs. Designed to develop a range of attributes in a footballer's skill set using LED lights and vibration sensors to create targets. Systems can track successful and unsuccessful hits and send this data to the scoreboard.


SisyFox Physical Gaming system

SisyFox is a unique interactive attraction that combines physical and digital gaming. The system provides a surprisingly effective workout. Packed with many hours of playtime, SisyFox contains hundreds of trails in fantastic worlds, lots of different quests and secrets to reveal! Space-saving footprint (1.5m x 1.5m).


Easy to design, manage and install, GlowHolds will bring your climbing walls to life. The multi-coloured LED illuminated holds are both eye-catching and key to the immersive experience. Instantly change climbing routes with the ClimbItControl controller. Users can set their own routes which are then illuminated by the GlowHolds.

High-tech fitness products

Although we have a range of products for outdoor and home use, our principle clients are gyms, hotels, trampoline and adventure parks, schools and climbing centres.

Improve your leisure facility with products such as floor sprint and step configuration grids, interactive climbing walls, wireless LED light workout systems, immersive reaction walls and High Intensity Interval Training ('HIIT') fitness equipment, interactive floor/wall projection gaming systems and much more. Ideal for personal fitness training or for rehabilitation after physical injury, we'll get your members active and provide an exhilerating sensory experience at the same time.

Innovative Ideas

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of the curve in sourcing and supplying new and innovative products. If you want to get ahead, and stay ahead of your competition, there's no better way than to introduce fresh and engaging products.

Quality Products

We strive to provide the highest quality products by industry-leading brands that you can trust. Whether it's aesthetics or durabilty, we're confident that you won't be disappointed by the quality and the improvement to your leisure facility.

Service Quality

A sizeable portion of our business comes from repeat customers and through word of mouth recommendations. This is because we truly understand the value of first-class customer service standards. We ensure that all of our staff adhere to this.