ICON Football Training Arena

ICON Arena Sports Technology

Designed to develop a range of attributes in a footballer's skill set, the ICON range uses LED lights and vibration sensors to create targets. The system tracks successful and unsuccessful hits, and sends this data to the scoreboard. The performance tracking adds a competitive element to skills training.
Data is stored and tracked via a web interface enabling players and coaches to review statistics and monitor improvement. Due to the gamification aspect, ICON sports technology provides a fun and immersive experience for players of all abilities to enjoy playing football in a confined space. The arenas come complete with a live leaderboard function enabling competitions and the ability to track daily usage.

Available in 6 options

  • ICON Arena
  • ICON Q
  • ICON Spectrum
  • ICON Mini "Fast Feet"
  • ICON Legacy
  • ICON Arena V2

High-grade, non-corrosive aluminium panels can withstand heavy usage. Each product is fully weatherproof and is designed to be portable. Colours and graphic design of each model is fully customisable so you can get the perfect equipment match for your facility.

AFC Bournemouth youth compete with ESA ICON Arena

ICON Arena Skills Trainer

Footballer Adam Lallana uses ESA ICON Q sports technology

ICON Q Sports Technology

Young football player practices with ICON Spectrum by ESA

ICON Spectrum Sports Technology

Fulham Youth player Ma'kel Campbell trains with ICON Mini Fast Feet sports technology

"Fast Feet"

Football players compete with ESA ICON Legacy skills trainer

ICON Legacy Performance Trainer

Young football player with ESA ICON Arena V2 sports technology

ICON Arena V2 Skiils Trainer

      ICON Arena

ICON Arena Performance Trainer

The flagship training arena, used by elite professionals around the world. The circular design generates a repetition effect producing the same amount of touches in a minute as they would attain in a 90-minute match. The ICON provides a competitive environment for players to challenge themselves, working on a whole range of technical and physical attributes.

Traditional individual training methods emphasise the importance of recurrence of practice. However, ICON technology enables detailed performance analysis using a scoreboard system which has been proven to keep players enthused and creates an addictive environment for apractice culture. The ICON currently has 12 innovative training modes, some single player and some multi-player specifically created to improve technical ability. Available in sizes from 4M to 12M.

      ICON Q

ICON Q Football Skills Trainer

The ICON Q has been created for individual coaches and academies who require something portable, easy to transport and assemble, but also a revolutionary training product designed for the future of football.

The shape of the Q retains a curvature, so the repetition effect famed by the ICON remains. Training on the Q is competitive with our interactive scoreboard keeping players enthused.

Light sequences created by the Q provide an immersive match-realistic simulation for players to develop all core aspects of their game. The ICON Q is ideal for individual and small group practice.

      ICON Spectrum

ICON Spectrum Football Trainer

The ICON Spectrum model, has been pioneered to bridge the gap between professional and grass roots training. It maintains the unique circular design, behind the success of the ICON but the lights are replaced with a voice control system.

The Spectrum arena combines with an easy to use mobile application which uses voice control to create the same range of training modes used by professionals in the ICON arena. Such as the popular King of the Ring and PassFinder. Other new training modes such as football tennis are also available. Using the app players can change the speed and difficulty of each game as well as the time limit. Once the game is finished you can record and post scores on the Spectrum leaderboard.

      ICON Fast Feet

ICON Mini "Fast Feet"

The ICON Fast Feet is the "mini" ICON concept. The arena has been designed for several purposes. Mainly from a retail, events and activation point of view. The Fast Feet takes up minimal space but provides a truly unique experience for consumers to interact with a brand. All the full features of the ICON such as the leaderboard and database are included in the Fast Feet package.

The product also has training benefits as well, intended to provide more concentrated individual training. Players using the Fast Feet can get up to 100 meaningful touches of the ball in one minute. The Fast Feet arena offers the same range of training modes, used by professionals in the full-size ICON arena. For older players it's a fantastic warm up routine, and for young aspiring footballers a great tool to increase their awareness and ball manipulation.

      ICON Legacy

ICON Legacy Sports Technology

The Legacy incorporates a virtually unlimited amount of training modes, both individual and multi-player working on virtually all of a footballer's skill-set, from first touch to volleys. It's 96 LED targets create a whole training enclosure, able to test all aspects of the game. Its high sides provide players with the opportunity to play a whole new range of training modes as well as a new explosive sport, 'Liftball', a hybrid version of squash and football tennis. All 4 levels work cohesively to create one accurate scoring system which is relayed for detailed analytical feedback. The Legacy also offers constant video analysis.

The developmental impact of the system is huge, and there is the opportunity for coaches to develop and implement their own training modes on the system.

      ICON Arena V2

ICON Arena V2 Enhanced Skills Trainer

The ICON has already provided a positive impact on developing players attributes, creating a practice culture and providing endless touches of the ball in a short period of time. But now, the ICON Version 2 surpasses anything before. Through feedback from professional coaches and players, the new V2 technologies take the ICON to the next level. New features such as a beam breaker, which is triggered by player or ball movement, and touch panels for pressing when possession is lost, have been installed to maximise training benefits.

There are also smaller panels testing accuracy, and panels at a further distance from the centre to challenge different ranges of passing. The ICON V2 arena incorporates a number of new training modes to make this experience even more realistic and relevant to game situations.