ESA Wireless Circuit

Wireless Circuit Performance Trainer

The Wireless Circuit is the most professional and game realistic product on the market. With the assistance of some of the world's most qualified football coaches, the equipment design offers some fantastic circuit sessions which help improve your technical, tactical and physical attributes, along with aiding your speed of thought, vision and awareness.

Choose from 3 panel options. Individually, they all have their own special purposes depending on what you want to work on within the session.

Response Panel - These work as a rebound board for 1-2' and are great for shooting drills.

Pass Through Panel (works with Beam Breaker) - Once the ball has been passed through this panel, the beam will be broken which will signal the next target panel to light. Perfect for training scenarios where you want the ball to stay active.

Press Panel - This Panel is a dual purpose panel with the bottom part being the same as the Response Panel but with a target above to touch by hand. If this lights up, you must leave the ball and work out of possession to close down and touch this panel as quickly as possible. Modes have been created where a player must press when they have played a misplaced pass, mirroring match scenarios when losing possession.

      ESA Wireless Circuit

More about Wireless Panels

The Wireless Circuit features a selection of different types of panels which could be used to create different circuits depending on a player's specific position on the pitch. It allows you to train individually, or with small numbers, to work on the attributes needed to help improve your performance.

High-grade, non-corrosive aluminium panels can withstand heavy usage. Each product is fully weatherproof and is designed to be portable.