GlowHolds Interactive Walls

GlowHolds Climbing Walls

GlowHolds delivers a climbing-inspired experience that is safe, fun, and accessible. GlowHolds panels are the building blocks of a GlowHolds wall. Each hexagonal panel communicates wirelessly and leverages the patented technology to change color and detect touch.

Cloud Based Activities: GlowHolds games are a great way to introduce kids to climbing. With activities that are designed to challenge and games that are just plain fun, GlowHolds offers climbers of all ages a fun and engaging experience.

The ClimbItControl controller enables users to dynamically select a route that is then illuminated by GlowHolds. This allows you to configure many different routes on the same wall and no more confusing tape markers!

Eye-catching feature: The brightly coloured LED lights makes the GlowHolds climbing wall system the perfect attraction for any activity park or climbing centre. It's sure to keep your visitors entertained for hours. GlowHolds can also be retro-fitted to pre-existing climbing wall structures.

Key features:

  • Easy to Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Manage

      GlowHolds Interactive Wall System

More about GlowHolds

Easy to Design: online wall configurator that allows anyone to create a wall that is unique for their site. Simply enter the wall dimensions and pick a design.

Easy to Install: Self-contained GlowHolds panels attach to mounting flanges for easy plug-and-play installation. The hex panels are designed for maximum placement versatility and are self-installable on most support structures.

Easy to Manage: Portal offers a simple interface to configure, control, and monitor a GlowHolds wall. The GlowHolds portal delivers software updates and AI designed games, routes, and activities.