T-Wall Interactive Reaction Wall

tWall Fitness Gaming Technology

T-Wall is a reaction trainer light wall with a visually appealing design. It is a simple yet challenging activity for the user. The tWall utilises light pulses to elicit targeted movements and offers users fun training sessions that improve reaction time, coordination and mobility.
The selection of pre-programmed games appeals to all ages and ability levels, making the tWall the ultimate fitness gaming platform.

Includes T-Wall exercise App for Apple and Android.

Available in 6 options

  • T-Wall 16 (16 Lights)
  • T-Wall 32 (32 Lights)
  • T-Wall 64 (64 Lights)
  • T-Wall Plus D1 (36 Lights)
  • T-Wall Plus D2 (72 Lights)
  • T-Wall Plus D4 (144 Lights)

Ideal for: Gyms & Health Clubs, Recreation Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, Schools, Reception areas, Entertainment venues and more.

TWall Basic 16 Reaction Wall

TWall Compact 32 Reaction Wall

TWall Premium 64 Reaction Wall

TWall Plus D1 Touch Wall

TWall Plus D2 Touch Wall

TWall Plus D4 Touch Wall

      Move with the Light

More about TWall

The T-Wall touch wall reaction trainer is a great attraction for Health Clubs, Gyms, After-school Programs (YMCA, JCC, Park Districts, Recreation Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs), Schools, Kids Programs, Entertainment, Hospitality, Reception areas, Cross Fitness, and more.

The T-Wall Plus is a model designed for the medical and rehabilitation market. It features tablet / smart phone operation, innovative touch sensitive targets, and a hygienic smooth surface, satisfying the high requirements as a training tool in the field of treatment and rehabilitation. The reaction wall uses light pulses to elicit targeted movements and offer users fun training sessions that improve their reaction time, coordination, and mobility. Using of up to 15 different colors, making it possible to combine different functions and cognitive tasks in reaction training.