Prama Vertical 3.0

PRAMA fitness technology

Prama Vertical 3.0 by Pavigym is a 9 Square Wall Grid with multi-color LED light sensors built-in. The Pavigym Vertical 3.0 is a high-tech, immersive workout experience and a sensation at fitness clubs. The interactive system of pressure-sensitive wall with integrated LED lighting, guides exercisers in an unparalleled training environment. Prama can be used for Individual and Group Fitness.

Prama Interactive focuses on reactive and functional training to create a high-energy, interactive workout that pushes one's limits. Spatial floor references with LED lights provide visual cues, prompting movement and training reflexes. The room comes to life with walls and floors that respond to touch, becoming a competitor, teammate, or target.

Prama trains all major muscle groups through nonstop movement, building endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility, reaction time, and overall fitness. The innovative workouts provides complete strength and cardio conditioning, burning up to 1,000 calories in just one 45-minute session.

Supplied with:

  • Premium rubber floor surface from Pavigym, choice of colour combination.
  • 2x2 meter size play area, with bevel ramps to existing floor.
  • Touch-Screen Kiosk. Select from 100's of exercises, and record your data.
  • Integrated PC with network updates and support.

      Pavigym Prama 3.0 Vertical

More about Prama Vertical

Prama Vertical 3.0 provides another axis for a complete tri-planar workout. A highly interactive station with music, lights, sound effects and pressure sensitive touch pads that will trigger your senses and help you to improve your skills.

Whether you choose to workout alone, in a group, or in competing teams, you'll burn calories quickly while having fun at the same time. Switch between the "Express" 10 minute workout or a complete group training session. Train with the help of an instructor or operate the system yourself via the touch screen console... It couldn't be simpler!