CardioWall Compact

CardioWall Compact Reaction Wall

The CardioWall Compact is an effective addition to structured PE activity as well as a highly engaging draw with free play settings. Perfect for schools, boys and girls clubs or youth gyms, the CardioWall can be incorporated into exercise sessions in a number of ways. Regular use can develop speed, core strength, stamina, mental alertness, reaction time, hand-eye coordination and balance.

Also available as a set, CardioWall Compact Duo is comprised of two separate reaction boards that can be played separately or competitively.

Key features:

  • 4 built-in games improve speed & reactions, mental alertness, stamina and balance
  • Timer and score display on each CardioWall
  • Customisable front panel graphic
  • Mounts onto any solid wall or into standard soft play structures
  • Encourages social interaction, sharing, teamwork


  • Great source of fun exercise
  • Improves cognitive skills
  • Helps understanding of cause and effect
  • Engages all users, regardless of age or ability

      CardioWall Compact by Rugged Interactive

More about CardioWall Compact

Whether they play alone, individually or in teams, kids will find the games really addictive so they'll get plenty of exercise without realising it. CardioWall Compact is also ideal for those with learning difficulties and other disabilities due to its unique design features that make it safe and manageable even in the more challenging settings.

CardioWall units are extremely space efficient, protruding just 4" from the wall. In the case of free-standing units, the mobile stands allow the CardioWall Compact to be moved to any area that suits your facility. Whether inside or outdoor, children can't resist the urge to whack the flashing lights and try to beat the clock or better their previous score!