CardioWall FreeStyle

CardioWall FreeStyle Reaction Wall

Rugged Interactive CardioWall FreeStyle reaction wall for trampoline parks and free jumping centres. Designed to test reaction speed, visual alertness, hand-eye coordination and jumping accuracy. Points are scored for every correct hit on the flashing lights. Whether played individually, or directly against another player, the aim is to build the highest score. This aspect has be shown to be highly engaging since players love to post their successes on social media.

With fully customisable graphics, the CardioWall FreeStyle can be produced to perfectly match the design of your trampoline park and provide a real stand-out feature.

CardioWall FreeStyle Duo gives the added option of pairing two units. Used with a specially designed Multi-Player Launch (MPL) console, players or park marshals are able to choose a 2-player duel with a simple one-touch operation.

CardioWall Features:

  • 2 interactive game options: Speed and Reaction
  • Fully customisable graphics panels
  • Pairs with second CardioWall to enable multi-player mode
  • Dual scoreboard & timer display
  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands

      CardioWall FreeStyle by Rugged Interactive

More about CardioWall FreeStyle

Add extra interest to your trampoline park with CardioWall FreeStyle. Your visitors are sure to love the built-in sound effects and LED light targets. Each CardioWall is designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. Bullet-proof and easy swap-out LED pods and indestructible body-shell. The CardioWall FreeStyle takes up minimal floor space with wall-mounted units protruding less than 100mm in depth.

With a range of unique programs that challenge both mind and body, the FreeStyle has single or "Duo" options with one touch "QuickStart" programs for fast play. The victorious player is rewarded with an attention grabbing display for maximum player excitement. There's no doubt that the CardioWall FreeStyle is engaging, competitive and fun!