CardioWall Landscape

CardioWall Landscape Reaction Wall

CardioWall Landscape is a highly versatile tool for use with various ages, abilities and environments. Both cognitive and physical abilities are challenged with this interactive, dynamic and fun-for-all game which is making a real impact in schools and senior care settings alike.

The landscape orientation of this CardioWall is well suited to younger or less mobile children who can reach the all of the lightpads as well as play with their friends side by side. Either mounted to the wall or on a mobile stand, the CardioWall Landscape has become a staple for wheelchair users and ball sports players. It's especially good at developing great peripheral vision and improving ball handling skills.

A versatile model, when stand-mounted the CardioWall Landscape can be easily moved, stored and deployed wherever needed.

CardioWall features:

  • 9 multi-colour bulletproof LED pods
  • 4 inbuilt games
  • Dual scoreboard / timer display
  • 6 core programs with over 100 user adjustable variations
  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands
  • Tough moulded body and rebrandable graphic panels

      CardioWall Landscape by Rugged Interactive

More about CardioWall Landscape

The CardioWall Landscape is ideal for gyms, schools, boy & girls clubs and much more. The games designed to develop speed, stamina, mental alertness, reaction time, core strength and hand-eye coordination. The CardioWall can be used individually, in pairs or groups - 2 walls can be utilised to compete in teams.

Functional & Flexible: Use with hands, gloves, a balance cushion and more; the CardioWall Landscape can stimulate a huge range of functional training exercises. Ideal for circuit training, where the built-in timer keeps everything on track and the intensity high.

Socially Engaging: Use as the centre of group functional training session. Users can post their best scores on the leaderboard or on social media.