CardioWall Pro-X Elite

CardioWall Pro-X Elite Reaction Wall

The Pro-X Elite takes the CardioWall design to a higher level. Custom made with superb quality materials and finish, the Pro-X Elite will be the centerpiece of any high performance center.

Use for HIIT, reaction and cognitive training as well as balance, speed and stamina - and track it all on the big 23" touchscreen. Perfect for athletes and coaches to visualise improvements and target problem areas.

Visually Striking & Compelling: The imposing presence of the Pro-X Elite draws users in and the compelling built-in activities ensure they keep coming back for more.

Utilize the FitMakr Pro software to measure, track and analyse performance, make group comparisons and assist with performance anxiety through the use of the leader-board - maintain 100% focus and performance.

Improvements in:

  • Muscular strength, power and endurance
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Core strength and balance
  • Agility
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Reaction time & mental quickness

      CardioWall Pro-X by Rugged Interactive

More about CardioWall Pro-X Elite

CardioWalls offer a range of interactive exercise tools that physically and mentally stimulate athletes. Developed to bring that competitive edge to training, the CardioWall Pro-X can be used for a number of training techniques, from high intensity interval training to cardiovascular endurance, plyometric training to circuit training. Routines can be easily customised and tailored towards specific high performance sports and individual positions within each sport.

The CardioWall Pro-X Elite redefines elite activity - taking CardioWall to the max, pushing every athlete to their limit.