Rugged Interactive fitness gaming

Ultra-competitive Team Challenges: Built around light-up interactive targets, your team goal is to defend your own targets and attempt to hit those of your opponents. Points are scored every time you hit a target - agility and accuracy are key components for success.

Dramatic & Eye Catching: Revolutionise your Dodgeball court with stand-out back-lit targets. Features include a large scoreboard and a stunning sound system. It's Dodgeball with a new twist.

Responsive Technical Design: Designed so that hits are registered even on the fringes of the targets. Whether it's a slam shot or an underarm throw, when the target is struck it generates a light flash and accompaying sound effect.

Compatibility: Retro-fit any Dodgeball court quickly (usually in a single day). Simple mountings and straightforward connections make the installation as easy as possible. DodgeAttack options are 6 targets (3-lanes) or 8 targets (4-lanes) depending on the size of your Dodgeball court.

Durable: Robust, bulletproof targets are built to last and backed up by a 12-month full service warranty.

      DodgeAttack by Rugged Interactive

More about DodgeAttack

Revolutionise your trampoline park with DodgeAttack. Guaranteed to be a great hit with your visitors who'll love the built-in sound effects and LED light targets. DodgeAttack would be the perfect addition to your equipment mix or as an upgrade to your existing Dodgeball court. Jumpers can test their speed, stamina, agility, hand-eye coordination and balance, all in a single fun-packed activity.

Since players aim at the illuminated targets rather than the opponents body, DodgeAttack is actually safer than traditional Dodgeball games. It's undoubtedly a great team activity for events such as birthday parties and corporate team-building events.