Rugged Interactive High-9

Rugged Interactive fitness technology

CardioWall High-9 for trampoline activity centers to test bounce control and hand speed. Style as an LED light tower of 9 pods, built into 3 triangular moldings. Use with 1 or 2 players (with the High-9 Duo), to compete for the high score by hitting the lights.

Compelling & Motivational: High-9 challenges the user to vertically touch the lights on three levels. Players score points with every correct hit, competing individually, or directly against another player (High-9 Duo) to build the best score.

Eye Catching & Unique: High-9 is a stand-out feature, guaranteed to create a buzz. Match the moulding colours to your park design, pick the formation and let the battle commence.

Competitive Challenge: A vertical challenge game where players fight for height! Whether the aim is to beat your own score, or climb to the top of the leaderboard, High-9 excites players and keeps them coming back.

Durable: High-9 is designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. Bullet-proof and easy swap-out LED pods and indestructible body-shell.

The High-9 Program: The aim is to hit as many pods, as quickly as possible in 1 minute. This height challenge tests a player’s speed and reaction as pods transition through a cascade of colours. The faster you react, the more points you score. The perfect challenge for testing jumping accuracy, hand-eye coordination and a player’s head for heights.

      High-9 by Rugged Interactive

More about Rugged Interactive High-9

Add extra interest to your trampoline park with the High-9 speed and reaction pods. The High-9 allows jumpers to challenge and improve co-ordination while bouncing. Provide endless hours of fun and ensure that your visitors will be eager to return to your facility.

Engaging and exciting, High-9 players love to track their scores and post them directly to social media and this drives further interaction.

Easy to play but tough to beat!... We'll supply your High-9.