Rugged Interactive SkyPods

SkyPods Interactive Fun & Fitness

SkyPods are a versatile reaction challenge that brings genuine 'WOW' factor to your trampoline centre. They encourage competition and provide the motivation to jump for longer periods. Jump high, low, left, right - SkyPods give you a surprisingly intense workout. Many players choose to post their scores on social media which helps with new engagement and customer retention.

SkyPods are built with 5, 7 or 9 separate pods. SkyPods Duo (two sets of SkyPods) includes a Multi-Player Launch console (MPL), enabling two players to compete against each other. Players hit the lights to score points both as a single user or during 1-on-1 challenges. Games can be started straight from the pods or using the MPL.

SkyPods Features:

  • 2 interactive game options: Speed and Reaction
  • Customise the "START" SkyPods surrounds and display box graphics
  • Pairs with second set of SkyPods for multi-player mode
  • Dual scoreboard & timer display
  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands

      SkyPods by Rugged Interactive

More about SkyPods

SkyPods bring added interest to any trampoline park or jump centre. They are a great way to challenge both mind and body while improving agility, reaction speed and mental alertness for players of all ages. Attempt to beat your top score or the score of other players. SkyPods combine fun & fitness while improving trampoline jumping skills. They're sure to keep your visitors engaged and eager to return to your trampoline park.

SkyPods are designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. They're built with bullet-proof and easy swap-out LED pods and come with a 12-month warranty on electronics. They can be designed with creative custom graphics that will make them a compelling, eye-catching feature in your facility.