SisyFox Gaming System

SisyFox Physical Gaming

SisyFox is a multidimensional game controlled by a large stability ball as an input medium. The huge ball connects the real world with the digital world in the most intuitive way. Rotating the ball controls the digital character which is forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill, according to the Greek mythology "Sisyphus".

The SisyFox tablet PC controls various worlds, game variations, the degree of difficulty (including "force feedback"), highscore lists and much more.

Key features:

  • Hundreds of trails in funtastic worlds, lots of different quests and secrets to reveal!
  • Can be played on screens, projectors, extensive LED boards or projection mappings
  • Optional real-life effects like wind, fog, snow or the photobooth feature!
  • Make your brand visible inside the SisyFox-worlds!


  • Strengthens your circulatory system
  • Fast ROI! for your facility
  • Monthly Updates
  • Requires no supervision

      Physical Gaming by SisyFox

More about SisyFox

The SisyFox interactive installation offers entertainment for the young and the old on all kinds of events, in recreational facilities or waiting areas. Experience the health benefits as SisyFox strengthens your circulatory system and gives you the extra motivation to keep going!

The ball is an ordinary physiological ball which is largely used in fitness and physical therapy. With it's unconventional size it makes you instantly think of a big boulder. This provides intuitive usage and natural movement of the player. There's no doubt, SisyFox will get you moving!