MagixFloor Arcade Game

Interactive Arcade Fun with MagixFloor

Enjoy the benefit of outdoor play Indoors through revolutionary Virtual Reality Technology. The MagixFloor system will add a new dimension to your facility. Games include "Chase the Monsters", a game that's played on a virtual playground by stomping on colourful monsters to win tickets! Arcade based format created specially for coin/card operated locations with ticket redemption. Sounds and colours designed to attract and engage repeat guests at your location. MagixFloor Arcade has a proven return on investment (ROI) of 2-6 months for FEC owners and operators around the world.

System Features:

  • Bundled with 4 game choices
  • New games constantly added
  • Brand Games with your Logo
  • Safe, Hygienic and Reliable
  • No attendant required
  • Certified under UL, CSA and CE standards

*MagixFloor is also available with the MagixBox projector system.

      Motion Sensor Technology with MagixFloor

More about MagixFloor Arcade

MagixFloor isn't just about playing games - it has the rewarding and added advantage of fusing exercising with entertainment - often called "exergaming" or "active gaming". The system provides a great way to exercise both body and mind in a single safe and engaging activity. MagixFloor games are hugely popular amongst kids & adults as well as males & females, so you'll have an attraction that's fully inclusive to all who visit your activity centre.

Game options include: 3D Chase The Monsters; 3D Meteor Attack; Brick Breaker; Chicken Chase; Corner Soccer; Crush The Egg; Free the Birds.