ValoClimb Augmented Climbing Wall

Augmented Climbing turns an ordinary climbing wall into a real-life video game that you play in. Augmented Climbing Walls combine motion tracking and projected graphics to create a fun but challenging interactive game. Simply, point the system at an ordinary climbing wall and turn it into a huge touchscreen and gaming platform. The fitness benefits of climbing are now used with game play to motivate people and encourage to stay longer in your activity centre (as well as encouraging return visits).

Each game has several options, levels and is suitable for 1-2 players. The current game selection includes: Whack-a-bat, Sparks, Climball, Astromania and Augmented Problems.

System supplied with:

  • PC Computer with Integrated Software, Vision Technology
  • Gesture Recognition Camera
  • High-powered Projector
  • Innovative Games and Training applications
  • Cloud Service: monitor and control your wall remotely, troubleshoot, get updates

Size: range from 10-15'.
*Climbing Wall is required but not included in package. We will help you to select the best option for your facility.

      Augmented Climbing Wall by Valo Motion

More about Augmented Climbing Walls

As the popularity of indoor climbing continues to grow, the Augmented Climbing Wall gives owners & operators a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. Requiring little floor space, the climbing walls are an addictive draw due to the colourful lights, stunning sound effects and optional wall-shaker effects.

Whether it's climbed by an individual or as one-on-one competition the Augmented Climbing Wall provides endless hours of fun for visitors to your facility. The active play technology allows climbers of all ages and abilities to a have an great time... Supercharge your climbing walls.